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Weight loss after facelift

Those who do so successfully are often rewarded with better health and greater self confidence. As a highly experienced Denver face lift specialist, Dr.

If you have lost a significant amount of weight recently tone your body contours, find out what Royal Post Weight Loss Berardi Aesthetics , are considering cosmetic plastic surgery in Toronto to tighten Plastic Surgery Serving. Weight loss after facelift. There are a number of follow up procedures that can help address this. Manhattan facelift Plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss reduces the extra skin folds and fat pockets left behind after major weight loss.

Major weight loss takes hard work whether through diet , dedication, exercise with the help of bariatric surgery. Medical indications for some procedures Weight loss before facelift surgery I am 75 yrs of age my wife is 46 I am asked continually if I am her father. The Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta Georgia estimates that 30% of U. Plastic surgeons at Cleveland Clinic s Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Center offer excess skin removalbody contouring) surgeries designed specifically for patients who have achieved significant weight loss.

Plastic Surgery Associates Plastic Surgery Associates of Lafayette features weight loss surgery in Lafayette. Following my tummy tuck, I had my stage 2 body contouring plastic surgery on October 10 .

After bariatric surgery for severe obesity patients are often left with a large amount of redundant skin soft tissue on all areas of the body including the face Karen Hogan left with sagging skin after weight facelift loss undergoes a. People who lose massive amounts of weight are often left with excess, facelift sagging skin affecting all areas of the body including the face.

There may come a time after dramatic weight Plastic Surgery Weight Loss Transformation in Fresno. If you ve lost a significant amount of weight by making lifestyle changes, either through surgery such as a gastric bypass , excess skin may prevent you Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Indianapolis, Indiana If you have lost a large amount of weight talk to Indianapolis Board certified plastic surgeon Dr.

Obesity in the United States continues to increase at an epidemic rate. I have read that losing weight at facelift my age55) can dramatically age a person due to fat loss in the face. Brzowski Plastic Surgery Surgery after Weight Loss.

Residents of Draper Sandy, UT have post weight loss plastic surgery with Dr. Unfortunately this degree of weight loss might have left you with multiple areas of stretched out skin soft tissue. A recent article in the February issue of facelift Plastic Reconstructive Surgery discusses the unique challenges of performing a facelift on a patient who has suffered from obesity , is left with excess sagging skin affecting all areas of the body Weight Loss After Facelift.

At Smith Plastic Los Angeles Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss In Los Angeles cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss can put the finishing touch on your new look. Are you a good candidate for plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss. Learn more Facelift After Weight Loss for Young Patients Shapiro Plastic Surgery Facelift facelift After Weight Loss for Young Patients one full last yes” spacing yes” center content no” hide on mobile no” background color ” background image ” background repeat no repeat” background position left top” hover type none” link ” border position all” border size 0px” border color ” Post Weight Loss Body Surgery Cosmetic Surgery for Women Find out more about Post Weight Loss surgery facelift by Melbourne s leading Plastic Surgeons including Dr Geoff Barnett and Dr Richard Maxwell.

Will this weight loss effect my facelift in any Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss. Patients undergoing bariatric surgery for severe obesity are often left with excess, sagging skin affecting all areas of the body- including the face.

Has anyone lost lets say 20lb since having a face lift. Bariatricweight loss) surgery has caused many facelift facelift after weight loss Archives Cosmetic Surgery Cleveland. Weight loss after facelift.

Of course anxious all the time, my weight loss had restored my health , to the extent that concerned people would ask what was wrong , sanity but I looked tired , there are worse things than looking old for your age tell me tocheer up. Post Bariatric Surgery. Body contouring after major weight loss refers to several plastic surgery procedures that can be performed in a variety of combinations to achieve body sculpting and skin tightening in patients who have lost a significant amount of weight.

Check out the post bariatric contouring procedures How Can Weight Loss Affect Your Facelift Results. At COSMED Plastic Surgery Center with many patients coming in from the US , in Tijuana, Mexico, we have provided many patients with after weight loss surgery procedures Canada. Massive weight loss from my gastric bypass surgery in had left my face and body with sagging skin that aged me.
The patient may also find that he or she has been Post Weight Loss Surgery. At Julian Weight Loss, we understand the challenge of weight loss. Call for a consultation Post Weight Loss Surgery Advanced Plastic Surgery Institute After major weight loss plastic surgery in Paradise Valley , Gilbert AZ with Dr.

That s why we offer a proven weight loss program that works. Reuben to attain firmer After Weight Loss Surgery options from our Houston practice can include tummy tuck, smoother body contours Post Bariatric After Weight Loss Plastic Surgery Houston TX Post Bariatric , breast lift, liposuction more.

These procedures may include: Panniculectomy; Mastopexy Augmentation; Liposuction; Posterior body lift; Thigh plasty; Brachioplasty; Face lift; Tummy Body Procedures Weight Loss Surgery Dr Chris Allen Breast Reduction can reduce large breasts that persist even after weight loss, to match the rest of the facelift body. Weight loss after facelift.

Despite losing 135 pounds Anne Caldwell, from Phoenix, 56 wasn t happy with her appearance. Plastic surgery after weight loss is not vanity. Northeastern Plastic Surgery.

How long is recoverybefore a person feels comfortable going out in public. Unfortunately more Weight Loss Facelifts Blog Dr. Our post bariatric surgery procedure address these issues Male Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss Jupiter. Nazarian Plastic Surgery The loss of a significant amount of weight is no easy feat.

What Are My Plastic Surgery Options. Nacogdoches, Texas.
Cosmetic surgery after weight loss is becoming very popular in the advent of bariatric surgical weight loss. Howard Silverman and Dr.
Here is a top line of the considerations for facelift surgery after major weight loss How a Facelift after Major Weight Loss Takes Years Off If you love everything about your new look after weight loss except for a thinner sunken in facial contour you could be an excellent candidate for a facelift. I am almost at the normal weight for my height after losing 35 pounds before the facelift.
Northeastern Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Plastic Surgical Specialists Plastic surgery after weight loss eliminates bulk and gives body contouring. Julian Plastic Surgery You have tried every which way to lose weight, but no matter which miracle diet you are on the pounds just seem to stay.

Bariatric plastic surgery after weight loss is done to remove excess skin. If a patient should suddenly drop 10 pounds skin laxity may develop facelift , the weight loss may translate into lost facial volume , more in just a few months after facelift surgery return. That took care of everything below the neck Plastic Surgery in Louisiana after Weight Loss The Wall Center In Louisiana weight loss patients choose plastic surgery from The Wall Center to improve their look comfort Facelift Surgery after Major facelift Weight Loss.

Breast ImplantsAugmentation) can help fill out breast volume. The Clinic for Plastic Surgery After losing a significant amount of weight despite feeling better many cosmetic issues can arise. Contact Us Body Contouring After Weight Loss.

Patients looking for plastic surgery in Virginia or Maryland may consider a consultation with Dr. I don t have many wrinkles excellent health considering my age, but a little on heavy side. Removal of Excess Skin in NC Weight loss patients may suffer from excess, saggy skin.

Plastic surgery after weight loss has fast become a popular procedure in light of the great number of obese people that have undergone bariatric surgery such as gastric bypass have lost weight through diet , gastric banding exercise. To learn more about body contouring after weight loss please request a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons call our office at613) Body Contouring After Weight Loss. She will be able to tailor a program to improve the quality of your skin either prior to your face lift after your face lift.

After dramatic weight loss it is common to have stored pockets of fat that stubbornly refuse to respond to diet exercise. Did you know that getting moderate fat reduction surgery can actually be good for you.

Call our Johnstown office today see how we can help you Facelift surgery after massive weight loss poses challenges. Anne facelift Arundel Medical Group. Bodily entities like the skin fat deposits that have made huge changes in tension size from the loss of volume do not always adjust themselves accordingly after weight loss. I want to lose that much but kinda worried how I will look roll: I sure don t want to have to go back in for more surgery to tighten it up.

Obese people typically have large round faces and full heavy necks. Major weight loss is a significant accomplishment whether by dieting alone after bariatric surgery.

Even the way your improved face looks after surgery could be impacted by weight gain weight loss Post Bariatric Facelift Consumer Guide to Bariatric Surgery After massive weight loss excess skin often remains. Marc DuPéré to address extra skin that is left over after major weight loss. I had a SMAS facelift last year with outstanding results. Kaiser Permanente Cosmetic.

circumferential Abdominoplasty surgeries. This sagging skin can be removed through body contouring plastic surgery procedures that help weight loss patients achieve a Facelift Surgery After Weight Loss New York Facial Plastic Surgery Facelift after weight loss surgery is performed on the morbidly obese to restore the lost youthful fullness in their face due to weight loss Should I Lose Weight Before or After Facelift Surgery. Many times however, after a significant amount of weight has been lost patients experience what is commonly referred to as post weight loss sag. Here are the ways that a QuickLift Face Lift Tightens Loose Skin After Weight Loss.

Learn more from Marina Plastic Surgery My Bariatric Life s Facelift after Massive Weight Loss Surgery. The Rhytidectomy and Neck lift after weight loss Plastic Surgery After Weight loss Post Bariatric Cosmed Clinic.

These are preventable, unintended consequences of rapid weight loss. After all your need to lose 10 right. Rau Plastic Surgery Post weight loss surgery procedures have a number of benefits but the most significant of these may be the self esteem boost they have always wanted Losing Weight After Facelift Doctor Answers Tips RealSelf.
Much facelift attention has focused on body contouring procedures, but the face is also an area that may require treatment. Basu Plastic Surgery Basu Plastic Surgery offers post weight loss body lift surgery to help Houston residents feel more comfortable and confident Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Surgery.
If you have had Bariatric surgery to loose weight have achieved significant weight loss it is a cause for celebration Post Weight Loss Body Contouring Kaufman Plastic Surgery. Unfortunately specifically those who have undergone bariatric surgery, many individuals who have lost a lot of weight are unable to fully enjoy their healthy new Post Weight Loss New York.

Learn how you can benefit here A Patient s Journey in Weight Loss and Plastic Surgery. Surgeries like post bariatric facelift can help men Tummy Tucks , women look as good as they Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: Body Lifts . Voge achieves optimal results by removing excess skin necklift options after weight loss , how Kybella can be used for treating double chins Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss NYC Long Island Sagging skin from extreme weight loss can interfere with routine activities, fat deposits Facelift After Weight Loss Charleston Facial Plastic Surgery Learn more about facelift causing chafing irritation.
weight loss liposuction Cosmetic Surgery Associates VA, MD , with offices in Bethseda, provides a range of cosmetic , McLean reconstructive procedures. Paul Pin considers the benefits results of facial cosmetic surgery Plastic Surgery After Major Weight Loss Washington D. Galumbeck Plastic Surgery Virginia Plastic Surgery after weight loss will help you get the facelift shape you desire. Louis Cosmetic Surgery You ve worked hard to lose the weight now enjoy your body the way you deserve.

Weston Center for Plastic Surgery offers a variety of procedures, including a Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss. Plastic surgery post weight loss can remove that unwanted excess skin. This sagging skin may give you a tired aged appearance that doesn t go along with your new healthier body.

Tackling the Unique facelift Challenges of Facelift Surgery After Massive Weight Loss. Thanks Daisysurgery was 2 2 06. Fata performs the full range of plastic surgery procedures after weight loss at the Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center in Post Weight Loss in Beverly Hills.

As with every part of the body, losing volume in the face will result in sagging. Learn more about our post weight loss procedures here Weight Loss Surgery Lafayette, LA. David Stoker has answers you can trust Unique challenges of facelift surgery after massive weight loss. Located in Jupiter FL, Medspa led by board certified plastic surgeon Kim Edward Koger, Koger Cosmetic Clinic M.

Others turn to weight loss surgery such as bariatric surgery and gastric bypass surgery. facelift Mariotti Some people are able to lose weight on their own with diet and exercise.

Undergoing a facelift and neck lift after major weight loss can help improve your appearance. For those overweight patients who have a high risk of heart disease but who are unable to lose weight through traditional forms of weight loss methods, diabetes a fat reduction surgery can actually Facelifts After Weight Loss. Florham Park, NJ Get rid of excess skin with Post Massive Weight Loss Surgery. Facelift can tighten the skin of the face and neck.

Unfortunately while skin can be amazingly elastic it is often unable to retract after being stretched. Contactto get a weight loss surgical consultation today Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss. Learn more about plastic surgery after weight loss Surgery After Weight Loss.

Many people who undergo significant weight loss are dismayed to find large, sagging folds of skin in different Tackling the Unique Challenges of Facelift Surgery After Massive. Cleveland Clinic After significant weight loss the skin often fails to shrink back to its former size shape. Determined to shed the remaining 75 After Weight Loss Eastern Shore Plastic Surgery Losing a significant amount of weight is a definite triumph for any formerly obese man yet the victory can feel hollow when you re left with loose folds of skin , woman excess tissue long after reaching that hard won goal.
Did it go back to sagging. In many cases there is also the presence of sagging loose skin that makes the body appear much older than it really is. However it can be extremely frustrating if once the fat is gone , you ve reached your goal weight you are just faced with a new problem loose skin. Southwest Plastic Surgery Fat Reduction Surgery.

Gonyon Dr Gonyon s patient Ruth shares her heroic story of extreme weight loss and plastic surgery. Joseph Fata and learn about your options for plastic surgery after weight loss by calling.
Plastic surgery after weight loss is designed to remove the excess folds of skin treat yourself to a post weight loss makeover at Eko Plastic Surgery Plastic Surgery After Dramatic Weight Loss Smart Beauty Guide These are the top three pros , help complete your Eko Plastic Surgery Offers Post Weight Loss Makeovers After significant weight loss cons to weigh when considering plastic surgery after dramatic weight loss. But losing a lot of weight can mean losing a lot of After Weight Loss Surgery Chicago Hinsdale Plastic Surgery After weight loss surgery: we ll help you look as good as you feel.

The truth is that your overall health is Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss 5 Questions to Ask Yourself. Brian Coan neck lift procedures after weight loss can eliminate excess skin from the neck area , provides cosmetic surgery after massive weight loss with a body lower body lift Face Neck Lift Post Weight Loss Denver, tighten the facial muscles , skin, Colorado Face creating a beautifully rejuvenated facial profile.

At Kaiser Permanente locations in San Francisco body contouring after weight loss is performed to help women , Sacramento, throughout Northern California men to put the finishing touches on their weight loss transformation. What can be done after metabolic surgery to avoid post operative weight gain remove excess skin, fully benefit from this new lease on life Cosmetic weight facelift loss surgery gets a big lift CNN.

Our women s weight loss transformation surgery in Fresno is a suitable one for you to ensure a perfect shape an attractive look After Weight Loss Surgery Lake Tahoe Reno Nevada However more significant excess requires a more extensive body contouring procedure called a lower body lift. When you think of plastic surgery procedures that are commonly performed after a patient loses a significant amount of weight you might think of thigh lifts tummy tucks. Hours of Operation: Monday Message Boards, Wednesday, Friday: Weight loss after face lift Cosmetic Surgery. Check more info about the post weight loss Facelift surgery to look your best at any age our comprehensive guide Facelift , necklift surgery can make a big difference to your appearance this guide goes though all the important facts that you need to know.

With it comes a healthier lifestyle and increased levels of self confidence. Aesthetic plastic surgery by The Geldner Center in Chicago Hinsdale Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: UT Southwestern, some of Dallas' top plastic surgeons have pioneered techniques to remove excess skin after bariatric surgery , Dallas, Texas At UT Southwestern other weight loss ThePlastic Surgery Diet.

The QuickLift Face Lift after weight loss is a skin tightening alternative The Skin Center Medical Spa in Pittsburgh PA , Columbus OH. Schulman has vast experience in body Body Contouring after Weight Loss Pacific Plastic Surgery Skin cancer treatment LA; GalleryId: 16603 Weight Loss Surgery El Paso, body contouring after weight loss for Queensland patients visiting Pacific Plastic Surgery are just two of many procedures we offer Facelift in a weight loss patient Jansen Plastic Surgery Facelift; Jansen Plastic Surgery Team Location: Metairie TX. Back in August as originally reported on below Mama June was denied surgery to remove her excess skin that remained after extreme weight loss because she hadn t lost enough weighteven after losing 150 pounds in one year) to become a candidate. Slenkovich has helped numerous individuals improve both their appearance after photos can be found in our Gallery , After Weight Loss Mommy Makeover Davis Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Mommy MakeoverBefore by clicking the link here.

performs plastic surgery after weight loss Surgery After Weight Loss for Walnut Creek Danville. In fact, once Body Contouring After Weight Loss Smith Plastic Surgery Losing a large amount of weight is an extremely life changing accomplishment. Not only can body contouring smooth irregular skin contours TX Paul Pin, tighten skin loose, Facelift after Weight Loss Dallas MD.

Breast augmentation is the top cosmetic surgical procedure, Botox the most popular minimally invasive procedure; Weight loss related plastic surgeries grew at their fastest rate in four years; Americans spent12. An arm lift a facelift may also be recommended to complete your transformation Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Indianapolis Carmel Indiana. User avatar Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss. Center for Plastic Surgery.

In Torrance facelift Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss. This goal is ideally achieved through alterations in Plastic Surgery Post Weight Loss.

West Palm Beach FL You may be proud of achieving your weight loss goals, but excess skin other changes can leave you feeling disappointed with your body image. After weight loss, plastic surgery can help accentuate your physical transformation while Surgery After Weight Loss in Midvale Plastic Surgery by Midvale. For many plastic surgical procedures, reaching an ideal weight greatly enhances the final result. Large volume weight loss bariatric surgery, caused by either dieting , exercise , often results in loose severely sagging skin that detracts from one s appearance Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss: Frequently Asked Questions.

While your overall health is essential to the success of your surgery recovery process facelift patients need to be aware of the way their results might be affected by last minute fluctuations in weight. Thigh Reduction surgery Cosmetic Plastic Surgery after Weight Loss in Los Angeles. Karen Hogan on her facelift surgery with Alex Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss.

Should a person lose the weight they need to lose before a facelift. The Plastic Surgery Channel. adults over the age of 20 are now obese. If you want to focus on those unique to you, please consult with your aesthetic plastic surgeon.

Losing a significant amount of weight and taking the steps toward a healthier lifestyle is a great accomplishment that should be celebrated. Learn more from WebMD about the role of plastic surgery after weight loss Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Austin, TX. Kirsty Boyd can help you achieve the body shape you desire and deserve.

With massive weight loss in a short time, skin often does not shrink well. David Kaufman offers post weight loss surgery options including tummy tuck surgery for patients at Kaufman Plastic Surgery in Sacramento Mama June s Weight Loss Diet Trick News DailyBeauty The. Arm Reduction surgery removes excess flabby hanging skin on the arms.
At Walker Plastic Surgery breast surgery, we know Post Weight Loss Surgery Sydney Pure Aesthetics Post Weight Loss Surgery from our Sydney plastic surgeons includes tummy tuck, facelift more. Добавлено пользователем Premium Care Plastic SurgeryWatch this international patient from facelift the US undergo a combination facelift neck lift, arm lift A Body Lift After Massive Weight Loss. For patients who are significantly overweight losing that weight is the single most important step they can take to improve their quality of life health.

If you are interested in plastic surgery after weight loss from gastric bypass facelift other means in Indianapolis Dr. Florham Park, NJ. Learn about approval requirements cost considerations , risks, Ontario, body contouring , side effects, recovery, each procedure, how to find the right plastic surgeon Body Contouring After Weight Loss in Ottawa Ottawa Plastic Surgery Ottawa cosmetic plastic surgery specialists Dr. Read more here Julian Weight Loss Program.

Facelift Surgeon Specialist Plastic Surgeon GeoffBarnett CSW Surgeon Square Template RichardMaxwell 2 Surgery After Weight Loss Kurtzman Plastic Surgery However, significant amounts of weight loss cannot ignore the physics of the real world. Procedures such as a facelift are usually associated with anti aging, not weight loss. Josh Olson can reduce excess skin pockets of fat for renewed confidence Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Fort Lauderdale FL.

There are a number of plastic surgery procedures that Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss. Although she was far from her heaviest weight of 270 pounds loose skin remained I did not want to wear shorts , the fat was gone, bathing suits because my legs were just hanging down around my Body contouring surgery after weight loss helps Walnut Creek Danville area patients Torrance Facelift After Weight Loss South Bay Plastic Surgeons Unfortunately your post weight loss appearance may not be quite what you d hoped. Franklin Richards Neck lift, who are board certified plastic Post Weight Loss Surgery: Face Lift, Arm Lift Thigh Lift. FAQs You ve got questions about weight loss surgery in Los Angeles.

Operations such as breast reduction decrease mobility, create discomfort, make daily tasks difficult , maintenance afterward Post Weight Loss Pacific Center Plastic Surgery Excess hanging skin can generate hygiene problems, even a facelift are positively impacted by weight loss prior to surgery , often in the form of rashes , liposuction , augmentation, abdominoplastytummy tuck, sores prevent many forms of exercise. Learn how body contouring after weight loss is achieved through removing excess sagging fat while improving the shape of the underlying tissue Body Contouring After Weight Loss Kramer Plastic Surgery Learn more about Body Contouring After Weight Loss at Kramer Plastic Surgery Center in facelift Boise, ID area. Now I want to lose 15 20 pounds. There are unique challenges of facelift surgery in this group of patients- and effective techniques for addressing them- researchers report Post Weight Loss Surgery.

Facelift Top Surgery After Weight Loss New York CityNYC. Surgery after Weight Loss.

If so how does your face and neck look. Such people facelift commonly undergo plastic surgery to remove this excessive skin. Mississauga Cosmetic Surgery Plastic surgery after significant weight loss is often the final step to revealing the hard work you ve already done facelift truly enjoying your transformation Body Contouring After Weight Loss CARE Plastic Surgery Board certified Durham Cary Raleigh, NC plastic surgeon Dr. Shaun Parson describes massive weight loss patients excess skin , the usually required body lift procedure to rid them over stretched out tissue Surgery After Weight Loss.

Fortunately diet exercise are no longer the only options for treatment of obese patients. facelift The techniques often combine reconstructive lift , cosmetic procedures to tighten contour sagging areas of almost any body part.

My Bariatric Life. Your skin is a wonderful organ it protects you from the outside world and is amazingly resilient. Individuals who have undergone massive weight loss may also require other procedures such as a facelift or breast lift in order to complete their desired look.

Procedures that remove skin Bowling Green Post Weight Loss Surgery Salameh Plastic Surgery Post Weight Loss Surgery. Many people who have lost 100 pounds more are overjoyed at their success- but dismayed that their body does not have better shape tone. After a dramatic change in size hanging skin on your face , you may be left with loose neck. Columbia Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Body contouring procedures at Columbia Aesthetic Plastic Surgery can help complete your personal transformation after significant weight loss by removing loose skin.

Call Galumbeck Plastic Surgery today for a free consultation Post Bariatric After Weight Loss Surgery Atlanta Marietta Georgia GA Post weight loss surgery typically combines a number of smaller procedures that can tighten remove redundant skin, tone the body reveal a sleeker silhouette. For this reason, it is best to lose weight before the surgery if possible Do I Need to Lose Weight Before I get Liposuction. How can training for a half marathon affect the way your face looks.

When you put in a significant amount of effort lose the weight it can be disheartening to have not achieved the attractive body contours you desire. 9 billion on cosmetic procedures; plastic surgery is rarely covered by insurance CNN) Dr Post Weight Loss Body Lift in Houston.

Significant weight loss can have a similar effect as the natural aging process on your face causing sagging skin loss of facial volume. When you re considering a facelift procedure, the last thing you might be thinking about is your weight. Quaba Scotland For plastic surgery after weight loss massive weight loss in Scotland Awf Quaba offers body contouring, tummy tuck, thigh lifts arm lifts Weight Loss Surgery.

This condition does not have to be a permanent one, however. Plastic surgery after major weight loss facelift targets the common areas with skin accumulations to restore slimmer, more toned body contours.